Changing Out Your 1911 Grips

Changing out your 1911 grips is a really easy process.
The first consideration is, of course, safety. Drop the
magazine, lock back the slide and make sure the chamber
is empty. There are four grip screws, two on each side.
You may need a Torx head driver, Allen wrench, or flat
head screwdriver to remove the screws.

Once you have removed the screws you are ready to remove
the grips. They might be stuck to the frame. Years of
dirt, grime, and grease can do that. Don’t pry the grips off,
instead slide your finger into the magazine well and use
the tip of your finger to push them up and away from the

Once you have done so, the bushings will be exposed. This
is a good time to check that each bushing is tight. Be sure
to clean the area your new grips will come into contact with.
A stray bit of grime can cause the grips to fit improperly.
Clean the bushings and area around the bushings as well.

Grips thicker than factory thickness will require custom
screws, which should have shipped with your new grips.
When you put in the new screws, tighten them firmly but
don’t over-do it. Work the safety and make sure it clears.
If you have an ambidextrous safety and the grips have not
been cut for that, there will be a problem that can be
solved by sending them back to be cut for an ambi.


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