About the Grips


  • The screw holes have been marked by CNC for perfect alignment
  • Grips requiring rear or inside pockets to clear the frame mechanisms are milled by CNC for a guaranteed perfect fit
  • All grips are test fit to the actual gun before shipping. If they don’t fit perfectly they don’t go out.


  • All grips are meticulously sanded by hand, from 180 grit through 400, 600, and finally 1000 grit
  • All grips are then buffed and sanded again to 2000 grit and buffed again to create a mirror-like sheen
  • Natural materials like elk horn and stag are stabilized in the shop, for both strength and a natural glassy finish
  • Materials like wood or ivory are bathed in oil to enrich and protect them, and draw out their natural colors




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