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Stabilized Giraffe Bone Grips for North American Arms .22 Magnum Models

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This is an Exceptional Matched pair of Stabilized Giraffe Bone Grips for the North American .22 Magnum pistols, all finish work is done by hand, hand fitted to an actual sidewinder revolver, sanded down to 2000 grit then lightly buffed to an exceptional finish!! They have a black micarta backing permanently installed on the back of them to fit into the frame and to make the material as stable as possible!!! These will fit any of the .22 NAA Magnum revolvers, like the Earl, Pug, Ranger, Sidewinder, Wasp, etc. Close to factory thickness!!! Set number H4455!! Please note!! The NAA frames are just not consistent frame to frame, so if you have a problem getting them on, just send the frame to me and will fit them for you at no charge!! Gun not for Sale!!!

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