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Sig Sauer Sig P938 Kirinite™”Liquid Gold” Grips


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This is a very pretty set of Kirinite(tm) Liquid Gold Grips for the Sig P938. These are made by Spresser Custom Grips, all work is done by hand including sanding the grips down to 2000 grit and lightly polishing them to an awesome finish! Each set is hand fitted to my own Sig P938 and guaranteed to fit. They will NOT fit the Sig P238 Model, and are the actual set you are bidding on, number H228. They come with set of black allen head screws unless you notify me and request stainless, they are thicker than the factory grips, which I think are really too thin anyway!!!! Factory is about .120 these are .235. Gun not for Sale.


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