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Kirinite(tm) Desert Camo Grips w/Red White & Blue Flag Mdlns for Browing 1911

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Browning 1911 Black G10 Grips with Red, White, and Blue Flag Medallions
This is a set of Custom hand made Black G10 Grips with Red, white and Blue Flag Medallions for the Browning 1911 .22 and .22 Compact Model, as well as the Black Labels in .22 and .380. These are made by Spresser Custom Grips, all work is done by hand including sanding them down to 2000 grit then lightly buffing them to a beautiful finish!!! These are close to the same factory thickness of standard size 1911 grips and you can use your own factory screws. This is the actual set you are bidding on, number H5665!!! Please Note!!! These will ONLY fit the Browning 1911 .22, Browning compact .22 and Black Label in .22 and .380. they certainly will not fit the full size 1911 government models!!!!

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