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Exceptional Set of Merino Ram Horn Inserts w/Ruger Mdlns for Ruger GP100!!



This is an exceptional set of Merino Ram Horn Grip inserts with ruger medallions for
the Ruger GP100 revolver!! Set number H9512. All work is done by hand, sanded down
to 2000 grit then lightly buffed to an awesome finish!! These do not come with the rubber part of the grip!!! And these will not fit the gp100
models with the short barrel that use the Ruger SP101 Inserts! The easiest way to see which model these fit
is to just measure your grips top to bottom, the sp101 and ruger gp100 compact models are
about 2 1/4 inches long, the gp100 models are a little over 2 3/4 inches long!! It is possible any ram horn could
eventually warp some, and if they do just send them back and will flatten them for you at no charge!!


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