Desert Ironwood Grips with Resin Ivory Sceptre Inlay for Colt Officer and Compact Models

$115.00 $42.00


This is a set of Desert Ironwood Grips with resin ivory sceptre inlay for the Colt Officer, Defender, and Compact Models, made by Spresser
Custom Grips, they are made entirely by hand and they are made to fit like the factory grips by fitting
over the plunger tube, and the right panel can been milled out to accept
an ambidextrous safety at no extra charge, and this is the actual set you are bidding on,
number H6872!!!
This pair of grips had a fissure in them running from top to bottom, and have been filled with paleobond, so
dont think they will every give any trouble, but am selling them much less than my other sets!!!


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